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   atomic visual studio was founded by new media artist Wang Meng in 2013. Our artworks and services cover multimedia stage design, video art installation, motion visual design, and short films. As our creative team grows, atomic visual studio has formed a unique aesthetic system, extending visual expression to many other fields.
   With a cutting-edge art style and a profound comprehension of music and space, atomic visual studio has designed and produced stage multimedia for hundreds of live events since 2013. These have included theatrical performances, art exhibitions,  dance parties, music festivals, live performances at underground music venues and stadiums, and more. atomic visual studio delivers brand identity with a high standard of artistic insight and aesthetic sensibility. Over the years, and through the experiences of our first-rate team, we've built long-term relationships within China and with internationally acclaimed brands across the fashion, creative, and tech industries. From conception to execution, we provide comprehensive visual solutions for brands including, but not limited to, overall visual design, live audio-visual communication, and serial video creation.

   To further explore the boundaries between different modes of visual expression, atomic visual studio has started our own audio-visual event label, A/V PARTY. Founded in 2018, A/V PARTY has produced Atomic-esque stage visual aesthetics in multiple performance contexts. A/V PARTY works with musicians, visual artists, and performance artists, presenting live shows across all platforms.

  atomic visual studio strives to showcase contemporary cultural symbols with our diverse portfolio of creative works. Always delightfully mischievous,  but nevertheless artistically thoughtful, our work balances the digital with a human touch in every abstract or concrete expression.

Portfolio download: atomic visual studio PORTFOLIO.PDF













Terry Zhang

atomic visual studio offers Zhi Wo Yi Shi a  brand new perception in dimension.


MadameFigaro China

"IMM×atomic visual studio×WaitAmin" the crossover art project debuted at Tank Shanghai. On the stage where IMM’s floral patterns bloom, music, dance and dazzling visuals intertwined. This leads the audience to a deep reflection on surrealism and other philosophical thinking. Although it is common to see an art and fashion crossover,  can you image that Guqin, Emoji and techno appeared on stage at the same time?


Timeout Shanghai

What atomic visual studio offers us is of the highest echelon: an immersive, multidisciplinary performance that resists assimilation.


Duck Fight Goose

A Future Club performance even more psychedelic than last year’s! As for the stage, it’s so professional and detailed that it makes me shiver! Thanks to ATOMIC!


Ding Wei

We worked on the visuals for the tour for over six months, that's what it took to have what we have now. Wang Meng VJ’d for the show in Shanghai himself, adding more improvised sparks to it. It’s amazing! Thanks to my friends at ATOMIC!



atomic visual studio interprets a unique understanding of music in the visual designs.



As a visual creative team, the core competitiveness is always the collective mind. Seems atomic visual studio is searching for the balance, through "future" technology to reflect the "past and present" of contemporary life.



The so-called "Cross-over" can not define atomic visual studio, as long as it is visual related are always within their scope of exploration.

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